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FMCG Laboratory Furniture

Case Studies

Maximise your workspace with furniture designed to fit your environment. From R&D Laboratories to production lines, we offer furniture to suit your requirement. Make the most out of your facility. Send us your designs today for a Laboratory Furniture quote.

With our 35+ years of laboratory manufacturing and installation experience combined with impressive new manufacturing facilities, we can provide you with high-quality products, a high standard of service as well as prompt and competitive prices. If you would like a quote, or even better, to come and have a look at our laboratory showroom and factory please give us a call on 01535 602141 or drop us an email.

If you are interested in visiting one of the sites where we have completed an installation please contact us to see if this can be arranged.

Laboratory Transformation

Here are a selection of case studies from the FMCG sector.

Click on the companies name to view the relevant case studies.

Turn Key Contracts:

ColorMatrix: Numerous contracts including full turn key installations and supply only orders shipped out to different locations in the USA.

Payne SecurityUpgrade of R&D facilities to allow expansion of workload and create of new working environment fit to show potential client around.

Potters HerbalsCreated new food testing Lab for Vifor Pharma brand, Potter's Herbals

Rockline: Creation of new R&D facilities.

A selection of FMCG facilities we have worked with

Rockline FMCG.JPG
Mars Food_edited.jpg
Avacta laboratory streetview tour case study.PNG

Get In Touch 😃👍

👋😎Hello & thank you for the enquiry. If you have any drawings, please reply to the auto response email you will receive. Drawings help up process your quote quicker.

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