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Laboratory Storage Shelves

Wall Mounted Trespa Shelving with Heavy Duty Options 

We manufacture multiple-tier cut-to-size Lab Wall Shelving from Trespa for your laboratory or storage area. 

We offer both traditional adjustable height lab shelving with wall-fixed spur uprights and heavy-duty storage racks. Both options are made bespoke to your requirement. Get in touch to secure your laboratory storage shelves today.

Traditional Wall Mounted Adjustable Height Lab Shelving
We supply 16mm Trespa TopLab Solid Grade Laminate supported on height-adjustable spur uprights and spur noggins.

Shelving load = 50kg per bracket


Click on the link if you are looking for Reagent Racks

Please call 01535 602141 or email for more details.

Wall Fixed Standard Specifications

Shelf Material


Height adjustable spur uprights and spur noggins.

Shelf Load

50kg per bracket


Bespoke. Made to your requirement.

laboratory storage shelves.jpg
laboratory storage shelves

Heavy Duty Freestanding Adjustable Height Shelving
Do you need storage which is more robust for your facility. This item is manufactured from 16mm Trespa TopLab Solid Grade Laminate supported on heavy duty fully welded steel frames. Powder-coated to a colour of your choice. Shelves can be fixed or fully removable. 

Shelving load = 240kg per bracket

Please call 01535 602141 or email for more details.

Freestanding Standard Specifications

Shelf Material

16mm Trespa TopLab Base


40 x 40mm kitemarked powder coated steel frame

Shelf Load

240kg per shelf


Bespoke. Made to your requirement.

27554 flintech  Trespa shelving rack.png
27554 flintech Trespa shelf rack.png
27554 heavy duty lab storage shelving.jpg
26978 Worktop mounted Trespa Shelving Reagent Rack.jpg

Where to buy Laboratory Benchtop Shelving 

Our extensive range of lab storage shelving products provides a comprehensive choice of shelving, racking and cupboards. Available in a range of materials including steel, aluminium and powder coated steel. We can also manufacture the laboratory storage racks and shelving to your specification. Our lab storage range is available for supply only or we can supply and install and we offer a on site design and advice service.

Lab shelving is the perfect storage solution for a quality workflow and it keeps worktops mess free. We can install them on island or peninsula benches to convert insufficient space into convenient storage for regularly used apparatus.

Our laboratory shelving has the option of adding service and data outlets, which can provide even more flexible space. As our manufacture process is bespoke the design options for over-bench lab shelving are pretty much infinite. 

Shelving units can be found in both professional and home laboratories. Able to hold various amounts of materials, a shelving unit helps keep a lab organized and clean. Shelving units come in various materials. A wire shelving unit offers amazing flexibility with lengths and heights. There are also shelving units made from lightweight corrosion-resistant polymers. Shelving units are available in vented or solid construction. Typically, shelves are adjustable, offering the flexibility to put the shelves where you need them

Please call 01535 602141 or email for more details.

Shelving is an important component of laboratory infrastructure that plays a crucial role in organizing and storing laboratory supplies, equipment, and samples. Proper shelving in a laboratory environment ensures that all materials are easily accessible, well-organized, and safe from damage. In this article, we will discuss the importance of shelving in a laboratory environment and some best practices for shelving organization.

Why is Shelving Important in a Laboratory Environment?

Laboratories handle a wide range of materials, from small lab supplies to bulky equipment and samples. To keep these materials organized and easily accessible, a well-designed shelving system is essential. Here are some reasons why shelving is important in a laboratory environment:

  • Space Utilization: Laboratory spaces are often limited, and shelving is an efficient way to utilize vertical space. By using shelves, you can increase the storage capacity of a laboratory without compromising on available floor space.

  • Organization: With many materials, it's easy for a laboratory to become cluttered and disorganized. Shelving provides a designated place for materials, making it easier to find what you need when you need it.

  • Safety: Proper shelving can help prevent accidents and protect materials from damage. For example, shelving can be used to store chemicals in a safe manner, preventing spills and leaks.

  • Accessibility: Shelving makes it easy to access materials quickly, which is important in a laboratory environment where time is often a critical factor. Properly organized shelving ensures that items are easily accessible without creating hazards.

Best Practices for Shelving Organization in a Laboratory Environment

Here are some best practices for shelving organization in a laboratory environment:

  • Prioritize safety: Safety should be the top priority when organizing shelving in a laboratory environment. When storing materials on shelves, ensure that they are secure and unlikely to fall or tip over. Also, be sure to properly label shelves that contain hazardous materials.

  • Categorize materials: Categorize materials by type, size, and frequency of use. For example, store frequently used items at eye level and reserve lower and higher shelves for less frequently used materials.

  • Use proper containers: Use proper containers for storage on shelves. Glass containers should be avoided if possible, and plastic containers should be used with caution. Use containers that are appropriate for the specific materials being stored.

  • Label everything: Proper labeling is crucial for effective shelving organization. Clearly label shelves with the contents and any relevant safety information. Use color-coded labels for easy identification of different materials.

  • Regularly audit and adjust: Regularly audit and adjust the shelving organization to ensure that it remains effective. Remove materials that are no longer needed, and adjust shelf heights to accommodate new materials.


In conclusion, shelving is an essential component of laboratory infrastructure. Proper shelving in a laboratory environment ensures that materials are organized, easily accessible, and safe from damage. By following best practices for shelving organization, laboratories can improve efficiency and safety while minimizing the risk of accidents and mistakes.

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