Laboratory Desks with Power Sockets

Worktop or Under Mounted Plugs

From many years of working in this industry, we understand an off-the-shelf solution isn't always the best option. As you can see from the images on this page we've produced many different desk layouts. Therefore we manufacture these tables bespoke to your requirement. Before an order is put forward for fabrication we provide you with a drawing for approval, to ensure all details can be checked and approved by your team.


Our electrical packs can be fitted with double / single 3-pin sockets or data sockets. The tables will be delivered with the power sockets wired up and ready to use via a 2-metre fly tail lead. We offer table-mounted or underslung socket positions

Electrical (single-phase) Packs:

  • Trunking can be table-mounted or underslung - facing forward or rear.

  • Cable tray under the desk.

  • 3 Compartmental trunking with MK logic double sockets.

  • 2m flying lead terminated in RCD protective 3 pin plug.

  • Frames earthed all tables numbered and tested.

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Lab Table with power sockets cable basket.JPG
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These benches come with a wire cable basket to hold cables, leads, batteries etc. The desk frames are manufactured from 40x40mm quality kite-marked steel. With its welded joints typically being 3 times stronger than the actual steel. The frame is sandblasted and painted under heat to ensure a tough lasting finish which will not crack, chip or peel like conventional paints. To ensure clients' peace of mind the whole frame is supported on 8mm inset welded foot plates which are flow drilled and tapped to accept 12mm levelling feet complete with locking nut mounted or lockable heavy duty castors. All of these facets are covered by a 10-year guarantee to ensure peace of mind when investing in quality products. Made in Yorkshire. 

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