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Traditional Laboratory Furniture

Fixed Cabinets & Worktops

Our Fixed Traditional Lab Furniture System is the most economical laboratory furniture option. This is where the worktops are fixed directly to the Lab Cabinet units.

The Traditional Lab Furniture system is ideal for all sectors including Industrial, Healthcare and Education laboratories. 

As well as being the most economical system it is our most popular. The worktops are supported directly on the cupboard units. The system has a robust construction and does not require any supporting steelwork to carry loads up to 240KG. If a larger load is required, this can be accommodated.  

Our plinth-mounted cabinets are unique, in that they are rated to support an equally distributed load of 240kg dead weight (the equivalent of 37 stone or 3 average men). Making them the ONLY choice for strength, longevity and value.

This system is particularly suitable for laboratories which require an economical layout and where the flexibility of storage is not critical. This system can also be used for island units and peninsular benching.

The longest single length of the Trespa Worktop is 2500mm or 3000mm depending on the best usage of material. For longer lengths, we provide/fit biscuit joints and levelling plates to ensure the joints are watertight and of the highest quality. This provides a seamless worktop solution. The standard depth for a Trespa lab worktop is 750mm however we will manufacture to the size which suits your requirement. There is a choice of Trespa Worktops colours to suit your requirements.

Our cabinets, which are all made here at our factory in Yorkshire, are manufactured with carcasses that are constructed from 18mm MF MDF covered over with a waterproof decorative laminate which provides a durable and easy-to-clean surface. Our standard carcasses and door colours are grey or white. However, we do offer non-standard door colours and edging if other colours are required. Please visit our Cabinet Door Colours page to view the full range.

The standard base unit width is 500mm and 1000mm and all finish at 900mm high as standard. Bespoke items can be made to fit your requirement if necessary. 

Cabinet Construction:

  • All units are mounted on a black 4-sided 18mm moisture-resistant plinth

  • All units are constructed by hand in our workshops utilising 100% laminated 18mm MDF board and hardwood joints

  • All leading or exposed edges are moisture and knock resistant

  • Drawers have steel sides and a 15mm MDF bottom and back.

  • Units to be completed with Stainless D Shaped handles.

  • Access to the service void is via a removable back panel on the cabinets.

To receive a quote either email us at or call 01535 602141. Send as much information as possible, a rough dimensioned layout sketch would be ideal. We usually turn quotes around within 24 hours. 

Click on below images for case studies

Red and white traditional Lab Furniture at Payne security.jpg
White Traditional Lab Furniture at Esseco.jpg
Grey traditional lab furniture at Heatrace.jpg

Free Design and Layout Service

We offer a free design and layout service, the start of your total laboratory solution. Use our 35+ years of experience to help build your new lab. Give us a call to discuss your requirement or send us a rough dimensioned sketch of your layout with your required details. Alternatively, download our Lab Planning Guide and return it to us via email, fax or post.

If you are interested in purchasing one-off items this is not a problem. Please visit our Products page to view our standard range of items.

If you require references please contact or in the meanwhile check out our Case Studies page to find some happy customers.

AutoCAD Layout of Lab Furniture.jpg

Get In Touch 😃👍

👋😎Hello & thank you for the enquiry. If you have any drawings, please reply to the auto response email you will receive. Drawings help up process your quote quicker.

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