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Trespa Furniture

Full Range of Cabinets, Cupboards & Drawers

Perfect For Tough Environments 

We manufacture high-quality Trespa Furniture, which is used in tough working environments. Such as wet areas or where heavy-duty chemicals are used. Our offering covers standard and bespoke furniture, to ensure can make the most out of your working environment. All our Trespa items are covered by a 10-year guarantee however if the furniture is properly maintained it will last much longer. This offers a great return on investment and one less thing to worry about.

We offer a bespoke design and manufacture of Trespa furniture. Our offer includes:

This product is ideal for:

  • Clean Rooms

  • Damp Atmospheres

  • Heavy Chemical Usage

  • Tough Environments 

Our Trespa furniture items are constructed from 16mm and 13mm Trespa Base. It provides a product which is produced to endure the toughest of surrounding. The cabinets and draws are durable and very easy to maintain (they can even be hosed down if required!). If you are unsure if this is the correct product for your environment and would like some guidance, give us a call and speak to team today. With a small amount of information, we will be able to recommend the best product to suit your situation. As with all investments we would encourage you to view our furniture and products for yourself. Please get in touch to arrange a visit to our factory and showroom. Here we have built a fully working lab as a showroom to give you an idea of what we can achieve together.

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Trespa Sink Cabinet
Trespa cupboard

​Unique to Mark Finn Trespa Furniture:
All our 1000mm wide cupboards have a 2mm x 20mm x 40mm steel support rail to ensure worktop integrity and 240kg equipment support.

OUR TRESPA CABINETS ARE UNIQUE, in that they are rated to support an equally distributed load of 240kg dead weight (the equivalent of 37 stone or 3 average men 💪).

Standard Trespa Base Cabinetry Specification

  • Fixed units are mounted on a 4-sided 16mm Trespa fixed plinth

  • All cabinets are complete with an adjustable internal shelf

  • Cabinets are constructed utilising Hardwood dowels adhesive fixed into position, thereby ensuring guaranteed stability

  • All cabinets are complete with 4No independent sheradised steel levelling feet complete with 50mm foot and nylon shoe. After levelling the feet apertures are plugged utilising watertight PVC plugs

  • All doors and drawer fronts are 16mm Trespa TopLab Base (Athlon)

  • Drawers have steel sides and a 13mm Trespa bottom and back

  • Units to be completed with Stainless Steel D Handles

  • All cabinets are complete with a fully easily removable 6mm Trespa Athlon back panel

  • All 1000mm wide cabinets have a 20mm x 40mm steel support rail to ensure worktop integrity

  • Doors are hung on 270-degree opening, coated steel hinges. 3 hinges per door

Our standard (Heavy Duty Drawers) are constructed as follows: 

  • 2 Epoxy coated steel sides

  • 16mm Trespa base pane;

  • 16mm Trespa back panel

These values make our units the ONLY choice for strength, longevity and value.

The units can be made to be free-standing including tops or manufactured to allow the worktop to be fitted on top. Typically we install 16mm Trespa worktops. The cabinets we manufacture are rated to take equal loads up to 240kg therefore no performance will be lost if this is your preferred furniture system.

If you require mobile furniture check out our Trespa Mobile Cabinets page for more information.

To get a quote either email us at or call 01535 602141 for a Trespa Furniture quote.

Why Use Trespa Furniture?

Thanks to their outstanding quality and innovative design, furniture using TopLab® have been recognized by most recent editions of the prestigious R&D Lab of the Year Competition. The Trespa® TopLab® line uses in-house Electron Beam Curing (EBC) technology to create a closed surface that is hygienic, sturdy and easy to clean. The impact, moisture and chemical resistance of these high-quality panels, which are made with natural fibres and thermosetting resins, not only extend their product life but also keep them looking vibrant. This engineered durability is why Trespa offers a 10-year warranty.

Trespa® TopLab® provides attractive and durable scientific surfaces in an award-winning solution that’s certified for reliability and environmental impact under the GREENGUARD Gold Certification and ISEGA Certification programs.

Trespa International is a leading innovator in the field of architectural materials. Thanks to 60 years of global experience and product innovation, Trespa is recognized internationally as a premier developer of high-quality panels for scientific surface solutions. The preferred choice in durable and sustainable scientific environments.

In today’s laboratories and functional environments is important to choose the right material for your surfaces. Regardless of which Trespa® TopLab® product you choose, these high-quality panels fabricated with natural fibres and thermosetting resins will extend the lifetime of your project, providing stunning aesthetics and long-lasting performances.

Free Design and Layout Service

Using the latest CAD technology we offer a free design and layout service of your total laboratory solution. Use our 35+ years of experience to help build your new lab. Give us as call to discuss you requirement or send us a rough dimensioned sketch of your layout with details of what you require. Alternatively download our Lab Planning Guide and return to us via email, fax or post.

If you are interested in purchasing one off items this not a problem. Please visit our Products page to view our standard range of items.

If you require references please contact or in the meanwhile check out our Case Studies page to find some happy customers.

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Get In Touch 😃👍

👋😎Hello & thank you for the enquiry. If you have any drawings, please reply to the auto response email you will receive. Drawings help up process your quote quicker.

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