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About Us

Mark Finn Laboratory Furniture is a family run business which has been in existence for over 35 years. It has grown into one of the leading lab furniture manufacturers in the UK offering high quality British made products. The Mark Finn Group business has expanded to include established brands such as Lab TablesUK Lab Chairs & Toilet Cubicles Online.

We are the leading experts in all aspects of the manufacture and installation of lab furniture and fabrication of interior Trespa. If you can draw it we can make it. We pride ourselves on creating quality products which are built to last a lifetime. All our furniture is handmade and produced here at our factory in Yorkshire. We have total control over design, construction methods and product consistency.

If you require guidance with your new laboratory we offer consultancy solutions to help you make the best decision. Use our working knowledge and expertise to get the best out of your working environment.

Please feel free to organise a visit to our new 20,000sqft factory and showroom facilities. We have a fully working laboratory, including a fume cupboard, to show what we can achieve for you. When planning a project it is important to see the quality of materials and workmanship of the supplier, so I would encourage anybody who is looking to invest in their facilities to come to take a look for themselves. Please give us a call or email to arrange your visit today. For our full contact details please visit our Contact page.

Why not take a look at some of our sister companies. Click on the image below to see the full range of products Mark Finn Group provides:


Industrial Lab Furniture & Toilet Cubicle Manufacturer

Get In Touch 😃👍

👋😎Hello & thank you for the enquiry. If you have any drawings, please reply to the auto response email you will receive. Drawings help up process your quote quicker.

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