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Laboratory Benches

Wide Range of Trespa Lab Benches

We are the number one specialists in Lab Bench design, manufacture and installation. If you are unsure what height or dimensions your benching should be, we can help. Why buy from us? We manufacture and sell Laboratory Benching on Feet, Mobile (Wheels), and Portable, with Shelves and Drawers. We also sell ESD lab benches & tables made to your dimensions. If you require supply only we ensure that all the items are manufactured and finished for you to install and assemble on delivery. Sinks, Power Packs, Shelves, and Adjustable Height options are all available. No cutting and carving on the site will be required. Our Trespa workbenches are suitable across many industries and applications such as Research & Development, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, School, Engineering and Industrial.

Trespa Lab Benching.PNG
Laboratory Benching


Why buy?

  • 10-year guarantee on materials.

  • All orders are made bespoke to your exact dimensions.

  • Drawing for approval is created for the client to sign off before manufacture takes place.

  • Orders are delivered ready to install or we can provide installation service.

  • 35+ years experience in laboratory bench design.

  • Standard load capacities of up to 750KG or more if required.

  • All our products are Made in Britain.

  • Wall fixed, static and mobile benches are available.

  • If you can draw it, we can make it.

Our standard worktops are 16mm Trespa BASE (formerly called Athlon) however we can supply 20mm BASE or 16mm & 20mm Trespa TopLab PLUS if required.  Please note the longest single piece of worktop is 2500mm or 3000mm (depending on the best usages of material). Anything over these sizes will require a biscuit joint, which we can provide. Beyond this, we offer biscuit joints to allow longer runs to be jointed together onsite. If the contract is supplied only we will supply biscuit joints to allow easy onsite installation for your fitters. The joints are to clean room standard. Our frames are the perfect method of supporting laboratory bench tops.

The worktops are supported using 40 x 40mm section powder-coated steel support bench frames. The frames are designed to carry equal loads of up to 750KG, which is industry standard but not offered by many competitors. As our frames are bespoke we can design our systems to meet your requirements. They can either be static (on feet) or movable (on wheels). If you can draw it, we can make it. We have Lab Benches for sale today.

lab benches tables bespoke.jpg
portable bench with cupboard and storage.jpg
Trespa bench with slopping upper shelf - 27057.png

Standard Specifications

Lab Bench.jpg
Lab Bench with Lower Shelf 33760 .jpg



40mm x 40mm x 2mm section

Standard Load

Static = 750KG         Mobile = 240KG 

Feet / Castors

Machine threaded adjustable levelling feet or Lockable wheels


Bespoke. Made to your sizes.


10 Years against normal failure


We provide biscuit joint and plates (if required)

flintech (15) Trespa bench Trunking LED Light - 27554.png
Trespa Bunded portable benching- 28852.png
trespa lab bench

Standard Frame Details

Our Laboratory Benches frames are fabricated from 40x40mm quality kite-marked steel. Its welded joint are typically 3 times stronger than the actual steel. The frame is sandblasted and painted under heat to ensure a tough lasting finish which will not crack, chip or peel like conventional paints. To ensure the client’s peace of mind the whole frame is supported on 8mm inset welded foot plates which are flow drilled and tapped to accept 12mm levelling feet complete with a unique 40mm locking nut. Alternatively, you may require a Mobile Version in which case your frame will be mounted on 4no. quality 100mm lockable heavy-duty rubber-coated swivel castors all rated at 200KG. Each castor has 12mm threaded bolts complete with unique 40mm locking nuts. All these factors make our Lab Benches on the market today.

Standard Frame Colours
The standard final coating is high gloss but other finishes can be supplied as required. Our standard lab bench frame colours are:

  • White: RAL 9010

  • Light Grey: RAL 7035

  • Black

All RAL colours are available but non-standard colours carry an extra charge of £50.00 per order ​

To receive your quote today, email or call 01535 602141 for a Laboratory Benching quote.

trespa lab benching
Mobile White Lab trolley portable wheel.jpg
Trespa Lab Fixed Benching with cabinets.jpg
Wall Fixed Trespa Laboratory Benches.jpg

Get In Touch 😃👍

👋😎Hello & thank you for the enquiry. If you have any drawings, please reply to the auto response email you will receive. Drawings help up process your quote quicker.

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