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Bespoke Laboratory Furniture

If you can draw it, we can make it

Bespoke Laboratory Furniture.jpg

Welcome to our Bespoke Laboratory Furniture page. We specialise in creating products which are made to the exacting requirements of our customers. 

We know laboratory environments do not lend their selves to off-the-shelf products therefore we have become experts at manufacturing products to fit what you require. Below is a selection of photos which provide examples of one-off items we have created for our wide and varied base of clients. Let us bring your ideas to life. To receive a quote send in a dimensioned sketch of your requirement today. If you can draw it we can make it.


From time to time we will add interesting projects to our Twitter feed. Head over for more examples 

To receive your quote today, email or call 01535 602141 for a Bespoke Laboratory Furniture quote.

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We take your ideas from basic concept to design to manufacture

customers rough sketch.jpg

Customer Sketch

autocad drawing.JPG
completed product.JPG

Drawing For Approval

Finished Product

Here is a Selection of Completed Bespoke Orders

Mobile Laboratory

Mobile Laboratory in Van.jpg
Laboratory in Van
Mobile Laboratory in Van - Door Closed.jpg
Mobile Laboratory in Van - Completed.jpg

Conversion of van in to a laboratory on wheels for a Mr W White.

Bespoke Mobile Furniture


Stainless Steel Worktop, Doors,

Draws & Lower Shelf

Bespoke Mobile Workstation with 6 draws cabinet and pull out shelf.JPG

6 Draw, Single Cupboard 

with Trespa Pull Out Shelf

Bespoke Mobile Cabinet with slots for X-Ray Slides.jpg

Single Draw Cabinet 

with slots for X-Ray Slides


Trespa Trolley with Enclosed Storage 

& Two Shelves

lab bench with storage

Lab Bench with Storage


Mobile Demonstration Workstation 


Mobile Table with Jack Up Stability Legs / Feet

Mobile Lab Cabinet with Extendable Folding Worktop 

Mobile Lab Cabinet with Extendable Folding Worktop 

Mobile Workstation with Electric Power Pack & Sockets

Under an Over Bench Storage

Bespoke Mobile Unit with

Gratnell Trays

Bespoke Mobile Lab Furniture with keyword pull out, PC holder and drawers

29098 MF1 MF12 mobile suspended cabinets blue doors speckled icy blue Trespa (3A1).jpg
Lab Table with worktop cut out
Mobile Trolley with Worktops Cut Out & Pull Shelf

Mobile Workstation with Cabinets & Draws

Mobile Trolley with Worktops Cut Outs & Trespa Pull Out Shelf

Bespoke Trespa Furniture

27645 - Trespa trolley with cut out pigeon hole slots.jpg

Clean Room Trespa Trolley with Pigeon Hole Storage Slots

27645 Trespa clean room shoe store step over (2) (1).jpg

Trespa Clean Room Shoe Store & Step Over Bench

27645 - Trespa tall cabinet Pigeonholes   (15).jpg

Tall Trespa Cabinet with Pigeon Holes & Extra Storage

Stainless Steel Sink with double drainer on Trespa cupboard cabinet unit.jpg

Stainless Steel Sink with Double Drainer on Trespa Cabinet Unit

28184 - bespoke clean room Trespa mobile stepover bench.jpg

Bespoke Clean Room Trespa Mobile Stepover Bench

26296 Tall Lockable Trespa Cabinets Clean Room (4).jpg
28176 - Trespa compressor housing with lock.jpg
26296 Tall Lockable Trespa Cabinets Clean Room (3).jpg

Tall Lockable Trespa Cabinets

for Clean Room

Trespa Compressor Housing

with Vents & Lock

Tall Lockable Trespa Cupboard with 4 Separate Compartments 

24289 - Laboratory Service Spine.jpg
24289 industrial laboratory service spine with gas and electric outlets.jpg

Industrial Service Spine with Gas & Electrical Outlets

Mobile Lab Desks with Power Sockets

Worktop Light Box
28728 desk with ped box and power electric socket.jpg
lab workstation with light box and power pack
​ESD Workstation with  LED Downlight & Power Sockets

Lab desk with PED Box, Flying Tail Lead & Plug

Lab Workstation with Light Box & Power Sockets

ESD Workstation with

LED Downlight & Power Sockets

​Mobile Desk with Electric Power Sockets & Storage Draw

Mobile Desk with Electric Power Sockets & Storage Draw

Workstation with Adjustable Height Shelves & Electric Power Sockets

Workstation with Adjustable Height Shelves & Electric Power Sockets

26292 Lab desk with lightbox and power pack.jpg

Lab Desk with Lightbox &

Power / Data Trunking


Mobile Workstation with Lower & Upper Trespa Shelves, Stainless Steel Pull Out Shelf & Electrical Sockets

lab desks in university research centre.jpg
28167 Lab desk with reagent rack and desktop power socket pack.jpg

Lab Desk with Reagent Rack & Desktop Power Sockets

multi tier esd desk with power sockets in research centre.jpg

Laboratory Step Over Benches

27645 - Trespa cleanroom stepover with shoe storage.jpg
28184 - Trespa mobile clean room step over bench (1).jpg

Laboratory Service Bollards

28517 - MF9 Lab Service Bollard with water gas and electric (1).jpg

Lab Service Bollard with Water, Gas & Sockets

18641 Triangle Trespa Worktop with Service Bollard.jpg

Triangle Trespa Worktop on Service Bollard

Industrial Gas Cages

bespole industrial steel gas cages.jpg
industrial steel gas cage powder coated in green.jpg
industrial steel gas cages.jpg

Get In Touch 😃👍

👋😎Hello & thank you for the enquiry. If you have any drawings, please reply to the auto response email you will receive. Drawings help up process your quote quicker.

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