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Height Adjustable Lab Benches

Tables Designed for Sit-Stand Requirements

We offer three ranges of height-adjustable sit-stand lab benches.

See lower on the page for more info or follow the below links to our sister website Lab Tables:

Adjustable Height Lab Tables - Electric

Adjustable Height Lab Tables - Manual

Adjustable Height Lab Tables - Crank Handle

These products are made for the modern working environment. It allows employees to rather sit, stand or somewhere in between depending on their preference. 

Make full use of the ergonomic design and follow good practice, which states to sit for 30 minutes, then change to the standing position for 30 minutes and alternate throughout the day. We also offer crank handle wind up & manually adjustable tables. Perfect standing height tables.

If you are interested in visiting one of the sites where we have completed an installation please contact us to see if this can be arranged.

Lab Tables UK
Electric Sit Stand Lab Table.jpg
Crank Handle Sit Stand Lab Table.jpg

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