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Reagent Shelving for Laboratories

Multi Tier Racks for Storage & Services

Our bespoke Reagent Racks are designed to make the most out of your working environment. Multi-tier services, shelving and storage made bespoke to your requirement. They provide you with the most efficient working space possible with additional storage, power, and data supply options.

All our reagent racks are bespoke to ensure your requirements are met. Whether that requirement is multi-tier shelving or gas and electric points, we can provide it.

The frames are built from 25x25mm powder-coated box sections to ensure strength and rigidity. The shelves are 16mm Trespa TopLab Base or Plus depending on your lab environment. 16mm Trespa is manufactured to withstand the harshest of environments. The panels are extremely durable and very easy to clean (they can even be hosed down if required!). By using these materials we are ensuring the highest quality product is produced.

If you are unsure of your requirements and would like some guidance, please call and speak to one of our team today. With a little bit of information, we will be able to recommend the best shelf materials to suit your environment. 

If you would like to view our furniture and products for yourself please get in touch to arrange a visit to our factory and showroom. We have built a fully working lab onsite to give you an idea of what we can achieve together.

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Standard Specifications


16mm Trespa TopLab Base 


Powder Coated Steel - 25mm x 25mm x 2mm section


As many as required


Power Sockets, Data, Gas

22520 Reike - Reagent Rack with power and data.jpg
26978 Trespa Island Benching with two tier Reagent Rack.jpg

We design standard and bespoke spur reagent shelving systems.

For an extra degree of flexibility, we have spur shelving systems that allow both height adjustment and the removal of the lab shelves. They can also contain service and power and data outlets conveniently located in a dado rail, again, maximising working space.

Our strong, adjustable spur shelving isn’t only suitable for lab reagent shelving, it can also be an economical way to increase storage capacity throughout the lab.

Get In Touch 😃👍

👋😎Hello & thank you for the enquiry. If you have any drawings, please reply to the auto response email you will receive. Drawings help up process your quote quicker.

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