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Trespa TopLab PLUS Colours

Trespa TopLab PLUS is much like Trespa TopLab BASE however is specified where you need greater resistance to aggressive chemicals, more like 24 hours than the 6 hours BASE affords. It is a self-supporting flat panel with a cellulose fibre reinforced phenolic resin core. Each panel has an integrated, decorative surface based on pigmented, electron beam cured resins which are resistant to the most aggressive chemicals, and easy to clean and maintain.

Trespa is composed of Kraft paper with phenolic resin applied. It is made by compressing impregnated paper or wood fibres and epoxy, phenolic or polypropylene resin at high pressure and high temperature. A special surface made with Electronic Beam Curing, a coating technique developed by Trespa, ensures durability and scratch resistance.

The easy-to-clean nature combined with good chemical resistance makes Trespa TopLab PLUS ideal for use in various laboratory, pharmaceutical, educational, cosmetic, electronic and food production environments. Personalise the laboratory to your company colours or just brighten your working environment.


We use 16mm thick worktop as a standard but 20mm is available in this colour range.

Please note 16mm is much more cost-effective and generally available on a shorter lead time.

20mm doesn't provide much benefit apart from aesthetic purposes.

Please call email or 01535 602141 for more details.

UK Trespa Stock Colours
All colours subject to availability 

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